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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Admission or Application Essays

Application essay is also known, as admission essay .It has become a very integral part of evaluation process in getting admission in the colleges or universities. It is important part in selecting the candidates. It is also known as personal statement.  These are essay or tests given to the students by universities and colleges as a part of admission process. Thus these admission or application essay becomes a critical part in selecting the students for their college and universities.

The scenario of education system is changing completely. Earlier there used to be only application forms of respective colleges and depending upon ones grade the students used to get admission in the colleges or universities.
With the increasing number of variety of courses, students applying for different professional courses, competition etc the procedure for admission is changing. Now a days colleges and universities have added admission essay or application essay while selecting the students in their admission process. This helps the college to select the most desirable students for them. There are so many students applying for a particular course .By having these admission or application essay the colleges are able to streamline their admission process at the same time select the best candidate.

All colleges consider admission and application essays as important in their admission process. It helps them to evaluate students, thus providing a good application essay helps students to get admission in their desired colleges, at the same time if the essay is not up to the mark it may also result in rejection of student from the said college and universities.

College and universities are conducting these tests in order to know the personality of students, and get an idea if the student can write well and express his or her ideas. They want to know the student’s goals and his seriousness in the desired subject or college. They want to know how the students present themselves, express himself other than his grades and scores. . Students are too confused so as to how to write these essays.  They make mistake of including all their activities and goals, sometimes not using the correct space in the essay. They are not able to express themselves. This affects in their selection process and often they lose on getting the admission in the desired college or universities.

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